Vibrant Health Institute is looking for a finance investor & NEW location so we can reopen our doors!  Contact Michael for details!

Open your own Wellness Center /
Health Institute!

5 day consult available with Michael via Skype! $889.00 - 1.5 hours per day for 5 days! 
Email Michael direct to set up this offer: 

Hello! I'm Michelle & I've been living a completely raw vegan lifestyle for 6 1/2 years now. I was inspired & choose this path to try & heal from symptoms that were starting to affect my life. This is a lifestyle for health & healing, not a diet. Although I'm still healing, it has helped me feel so much better! I want to educate & inspire others to eat more raw living food so they can be healthy both physically & spiritually!

I've suffered from what Allopathic medicine calls colitis, gerd, IBS & stomach pain since Jr. High. and by college it only got worse. I tried every diet out there & none of them worked. Eventually I started having swollen lymph nodes & bad joint pain in my knee & hip 5 years ago. I thought it was overuse from running, but I gave up running & the pain spread to other joints & tendons over time. I couldn't work, couldn't be on my feet or do a lot of the things I used to do.  My life was flipped upside down.  My plans to run the Boston Marathon came to a halt. Pain was all I thought about and it took a toll mentally and emotionally as well. I can remember trying to get from my car, to my class at the local community college. I parked pretty much by the door and barely made it through the doors to the bench in the hallway.  Piercing and burning pain through all my joints and tendons, I rested and mentally prepared to hop on the elevator to get to the top floor to my class. This is just one example of what my life was like at the time. 

Every doctor I went to said something different.  I had symptoms of fibromyalgia, adrenal fatigue, menopause, arthritis and more.  I went to a rheumatologist & they suspected a type of RA and I was put on a steroid & a sulfa drug that was supposed to help the inflammation. After a month the pain got worse, I lost my appetite, lost a ton of weight, ended up with a high fever, toxic liver, extreme rash and swelling, bone edema & low kidney function. For a short moment, I wondered if I was going to make it through all this.  I spent 5 days in the hospital & they decided it was a reaction to the drugs, but nobody really knew what was wrong with me.

I had ups & downs after this but my pain eventually got worse. I was still having trouble with digestion and now I couldn't stand for more than 10 minutes. Even everyday things like using scissors or doing my hair hurt.  One night I was in so much pain & remembered how some of my family members had been into juicing and herbs for healing. I was led to YouTube & found a video of this enthusiastic vibrant looking man making a green juice out of his RV. Dan McDonald "The Life Regenerator" was his name and he was raving about the power of raw living fruits and vegetables.  I emailed him right away for answers and a few hours later I was surprised to see he already responded! I followed his advice & did a short juice fast of watermelon, celery, & cucumber only & immediately started feeling better for the first time. It was like a light bulb went on. A shift happened. I knew right then raw living foods was the way to go & I haven't turned back since! I immediately decided to start Dan's Detox Mastery DVD series which introduced me to new recipes and a new way of eating. Through detoxification, raw living fruits, vegetables, herbs, green juices and lifestyle changes I feel so much better! I can do every day things again with very little to no pain! My digestion is better, my hormones are normal, my kidneys and adrenals function better, sleep is better, mind is clearer, hair is thicker, the bone edema healed and more.  This lifestyle isn't restrictive, but liberating! Although I'm not at the point of running long distances yet, I am happier and I am thriving now instead of just surviving. 

What doctors didn’t tell me was all that I had suffered with was the cumulative effects of toxins in our environment, toxic foods, toxic thoughts, and poor lifestyle choices, which lead to a toxic body and the symptoms I experienced. The body can cleanse and heal itself if we provide it with the right conditions, the right fuel and a positive and loving mindset.  I found that God and nature provide all we need for healing and by choosing to change our lifestyle we can thrive and live up to our true potential.

Healing takes time and is a journey. Even on a raw food diet one can over eat, suffer from stress, eat out of balance and start to slide backwards with healing.  This is why I decided to stay a week at VHI and attend their program, because I felt I needed to get back on track and feel refreshed again.  I decided to juice fast on wheat grass and green juice while there for the first two days and then I water fasted a short time.  Towards the end I began eating solid food again. All of the food and juice was very satisfying and nourishing.  The kitchen staff is great. Everyone at VHI was very supportive with my decision to detox on just liquids part of the time, which was very helpful. The wheatgrass there tasted better than any I have had before. My body loved their structured water! I normally drink close to a gallon of water a day at home and have to run to the bathroom every hour. The first day at VHI I was drinking the same amount of water but wasn’t running to the loo hardly at all.  At first I was surprised but as the day went on I felt more hydrated than usual and realized that the structured water was absorbing into my body much better than the water from home. I felt my body start to detox just from the water alone. I now realize how important the quality of water is. 

After just one week attending the program I felt muscle knots and some inflammation that had flared a little go down, my teeth looked whiter, I felt I needed less food to be satisfied, my face had more color and I felt more hydrated than before. I seem to carry a lot of stress and heaviness in my chest area which causes me to hunch normally.  When I got home I realized that weight and tightness had lifted and I was sitting up straighter.  I think Donna’s yoga every morning, meditation and conscious breathing really helped.  The therapy room was great and the chi machine was my favorite.  I felt more energized after only ten minutes of using it. The rooms and the whole building was very cozy.  I loved all the lectures and discussions that took place and really felt comfortable opening up. I left feeling more confident and inspired to work on my art and my own goals. I met some amazing people and made some wonderful new friends! Looking back I wish I could have stayed for three weeks and not just one! I’m sure I’ll be back!Type your paragraph here.

Text or call: 1-860-294-4620

 Vibrant Health Institute:  NEW LOCATION COMING!  

​Hippocrates Mid-West to Creative Health Institute to Vibrant Health Institute:THE STORY:      Hippocrates Health Institute was founded by Ann Wigmore in Boston in 1962 and also in PR in 1990. Back in the mid 70's, Raychel Solomon went to Hippocrates in Boston and had such amazing results that she started Hippocrates West in the San Diego, CA area.  Around that same time, a man by the name of Don Haughey also had interest in starting a Hippocrates franchise in Union City, MI, called Hippocrates Mid-West.  The two locations continued using the name ‘Hippocrates’ through the late 80’s. It was at this time, a meeting took place and both Raychel and Don were asked to remove the Hippocrates name from their wellness centers.  Raychel changed the name of her location to Optimum Health Institute (OHI) and Don also renamed his location to the Creative Health Institute (CHI), formally Hippocrates Mid-West.
  In 1987, Moose & Jeanette Bergonzi (Michael's parents) attended OHI in CA.  Raychel Solomon was the grandmother of their son-in-law.  After a three week, life changing stay, Moose was asked to continue on as Maintenance Director and General Manager for the next 15 years.  Arn Hunsberger, Eydie Mae’s husband, was on the Board of Directors for OHI.  Eydie Mae’s book ‘How I Conquered Cancer Naturally’ was the first of its kind to recognize Ann Wigmore’s work and acknowledge the raw food / wheatgrass diet for an alternative option for Cancer.  
  Michael Bergonzi joined OHI in 1990 – 1998, building their state-of-the-art greenhouse growing room.  He then joined Hippocrates Health Institute (HHI) in West Palm Beach, FL in 2001 – 2011, when he left to open a new wellness center in CA.  After consulting a few other wellness centers, he ended up back in CT helping to start an overnight wheatgrass sprouting business. While spending some time in CT and working with Lisa Wilson and The Raw Food Institute (RFI) in 2012, he continued his search for a new location for his Vibrant Health Institute (VHI). 
  One day in mid Sept. 2014, while searching on line, he noticed that Creative Health Institute had closed their doors on Jan. 24, 2014 and was now for sale.  His first visit to the CHI property was Oct. 28, 2014.  The energy and light of Ann Wigmore seemed to be all around this 6 acre location in MI.  He knew instantly that this was the perfect location to open his own Vibrant Health Institute!  The deal was made and so CHI will now become VHI opening its doors in Jan. 2015!   WE ARE CURRENTLY LOOKING FOR A NEW LOCATION AND FINANCE INVESTOR TO RE-OPEN VHI! STAY TUNE! Visit the website for updates or join our email list:
    *Join us for the most affordable wellness retreat in the US!  We offer all your raw / vegan meals, green juice, wheatgrass juice, lectures, hands-on classes, special guests speakers, sauna, rebounders, exercise / yoga, structured alkaline water, minerals, chi machine, amethyst bio mat and detox.  Check-in any Sunday and check-out the following Saturday.  One week minimum stay and three weeks (21 day) total detox programs available now!

More photos available on Facebook Vibrant Health Institute page!  NEW LOCATION COMING SOON! R.S.V.P. in the US: 1-860-294-4620 or email:
*Join us for the most affordable wellness retreat in the US!  
raw / vegan meals, green juice, wheatgrass juice, lectures, hands-on classes, special guests speakers, sauna, re-bounders, exercise, structured alkaline water, minerals.
Reserve a three week program and SAVE $$$!
21 Day Program:
$3189 per person, private room and bath
*ONLY $1,063* per week, private room / bath!
$2189 per person, shared room and bath
*ONLY $730 per week, shared room / bath!

Pay for 3 weeks in full.  Stay for one or two weeks at a time.
Week long vouchers are good for one year and transferable. 
Check-in any Sunday and check-out the following Saturday. 
One week minimum stay and three weeks programs available now!  Photos available on Facebook Vibrant Health Institute page!  R.S.V.P. in the US: call or text: 1-860-294-4620 or email:
NEW PHONE #: call or text: 1-860-294-4620

A Sample Day at Vibrant Health Institute:
8:00am: FRESH wheatgrass juice!!
  8:30am: Green juice & teas, ocean minerals (electrolytes)
  9:00am: Morning exercise, heart walk, rebounding
10:30am: Lecture time
12:30pm: Green juice, teas, and raw / living vibrant meal
  2:00pm: Workshop lecture
  4:00pm: In-house sauna therapy, juice, colon cleansing / enema room
  5:00pm: Vibrant meal - rejuvenating blended meal when juicing
6:00pm: Q & A group gathering M - W
  6:30pm: Motivational movie, educational DVD, Friday talent night!
Tuition Rates - Vibrant Health Institute:
Rates: *All Inclusive*
Weekly: 7 day / 6 nights, Sun. - Sat. 
$1,489.00 per person, pvt. room & bath
$989.00 per person, shared room & bath
$889.00 per person - commuter (room not included)

21 Day: 21 day / 20 nights, starts Sun.
$3,189.00 per person, pvt. room & bath
$2,189.00 per person, shared rm. & bath
$1,889.00 per person - commuter (room not included)
Vibrant Health Institute is currently looking for a new location & funding!

Vibrant Health Institute is ready to reopen!!

We are looking for a new location & funding!

What's included with your weekly stay:
  • · Educational lectures twice daily
  •   Hands on classes - sprouting
  •   Private or Shared accommodation
  • · Fresh raw / living vibrant meals or blended
  • · All FRESH juices and teas, 7 days per week
  • · Daily wheatgrass juice, 2oz, twice per day
  • · Exercise - 9am stretch and heart walks
  •   Trampoline everyday
  • · TDP Lamp Therapy, Chi Machine
  • · Infrared Sauna - personal & community  
  • · Personal wellness consultation 
  • · Weekend excursions
  • · Interactive learning environment
  • · Discounts from our on-line store, 24/7
  • · 1 Month membership included 
  • · Use of our colon cleansing / enema room

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Vibrant programs begin every Sunday, all year long, and end on the following Saturday. Check-in on Sunday is between 11:00 am-3:00 pm. One week is the minimum stay and three weeks is the whole course.
At VHI each guest may choose their own detox diet, however, every Wednesday is green juice day with a blended meal for dinner.

Here are your options:
Green juice detox – This means you may have green juice, seven days a week throughout your entire program.  You may also drink 1-2 ounces of wheatgrass, twice per day as well as hot teas, structured alkaline water, and your choice of Dandy Blend (coffee alternative) & Calm (magnesium to help you rest).  Trace minerals are also available to add to any of your drinks!
Juice and blended lunch & dinner – This means everything in choice A, plus a blended green meal to eat for lunch and dinner.
Raw Vibrant Meals –  This means everything in choice A, plus a Vibrant Raw Food Meal for lunch and dinner!  (or you may choose a blended meal to replace the raw food for either lunch or dinner)
*Yes, you may ask for seconds!!!  Just remember, hunger doesn’t always mean you’re lacking nourishment and you are NOT going to starve while you are here on our program!
 All of our wheatgrass is grown FRESH, all year long.  Many people ask this question -
Q:How much wheatgrass may I drink while I am on a detox at VHI?
 A: 1 – 2 ounces at any one time is all someone should drink. Never more than 2 ounces at one time. The body only needs two FRESH ounces of juice at one time as that is equal to up to 5 pounds of fresh vegetables. More is NOT better.  One ounce of FRESH wheatgrass is also equal to approx. 8 ounces of a green juice.  With FRESH wheatgrass juice, 1-2 ounces, once in the AM is plenty. If you are detoxing, you can also drink 1-2 ounces in the PM, always on an empty stomach and then wait 15 minutes before eating or drinking anything else!  FRESH wheatgrass juice is a complete food for the body as well as a detoxifier.  Every 2 ounces of FRESH wheatgrass juice is equal to a complete meal for the body.

Here at the Vibrant Health Institute, our green juice is made fresh daily and consists of 50% Cucumber (see below for the benefits of cucumber), 10% Celery, 25% Sunflower Greens and 15% Pea Greens.  Both Sunflower and Pea Greens are grown on site, organically in our grow room, all year long!  You will learn how to grow them both as well as what juicers are best to use.

Our Green Juice is available 7 days a week from 8am-6pm.  Each guests may drink up to 4 glasses (10 ounces) per day and up to 6 glasses on juicing days.  Each green juice is a complete meal for the body / cells.  Along with the FRESH wheatgrass juice, every guest is actually eating up to 6 meals per day in JUICE!!!  (Before even eating lunch or dinner!)
The Vibrant Health Institute (VHI) program is for anyone and everyone! We are nondenominational, please feel free to participate in all lectures, yoga, rebounding, infrared sauna, silent day every Wednesday, release ceremony, etc…. or just relax around campus, make a puzzle, even venture outside on our 6 acres of land. It’s up to each guest to choose what they would like to attend or partake in. We can accommodate up to 30 guests each week! VHI is a great detox for weight loss, fatigue, food addictions, stress relief and is one of the only programs that works best for people dealing with candida issues, Lyme disease, and various types of cancer. Our green juice and wheatgrass are perfect for making the body more alkaline. (Many people believe that cancer cells cannot survive in an alkaline environment.) We also serve structured / alkaline water. This is the most hydrating water for our cells. All of our foods that we serve are organic, gluten and dairy free, raw / living greens, sprouts and vegetables, or an optional blended meal. Some nuts, seeds, or avocado may be served as well, which are always labeled. (see below for more details.)
Lectures here at VHI focus on many subjects, some which include; conscious communication, sharing circles, moving beyond fear, journaling, understanding judgment, emotional & social eating, taking it all home with you, and what’s simple is true. We then have the practical; one lecture each week on raw food prep, wheatgrass / micro green growing at home, juicing / household equipment, and sprouting the easy way.

The concept behind VHI is allowing the body to heal itself with nourishing living foods, green juice, wheatgrass, trace minerals, and structured water (all included with your stay here.) Each of our guests are here to detox, unwind / unplug, and rebuild their bodies.  Privacy of all our guests is important to us. We do not focus on teaching how to prepare raw food everyday to become a chef, just once a week. Our mission is to help our guests understand the addiction of food as well as emotional and social eating habits, or adjusting from the S.A.D. After having 4 green drinks and 2 ounces of FRESH wheatgrass twice a day, you have eaten 6 times each day without ever eating lunch or dinner!
The first few days on our detox program, you may experience headaches, light nausea, fatigue and even some overall soreness.  This is the body adjusting and starting to now take care of its own health issues. Some people will feel ‘hungry’, but this isn’t from lack of nourishment. The concept isn’t to be ‘full’ of food here. Most symptoms will lighten up or disappear by day 3 & 4 (depending on the individual, as we are all very different.) If this is your first time going through a cleanse, we suggest three weeks or 21 days, to allow the body to overcome addictions and for food tastes to change. Sense of smell may also begin to improve on your second week with us. It takes time for the body to rid itself of toxins, both emotionally and physically. By your third week here, it’s now time for rebuilding and getting some structure back to your cells, heart, brain and muscles. If you have been through juicing and other detox programs, then coming here for an ‘oil change’ for just one week may be enough for you. Think of your body like your vehicle.  If you drive a lot, you need to fill up with gas. If your car is in the driveway, you don’t need so much fuel.  Use your body more, exercise of some sort each day, then add more fuel (food.) Sit on the couch, behind a computer all day, less fuel (food) is needed.
Some other programs similar to VHI will focus on finding a supplement (pills) for solving your physical condition.  This could cost hundreds, even thousands of dollars each year. We here at VHI, however, will try to help you find out what is actually causing your physical health issue. Many Americans suffer from health issues that are directly related to their diet. We do understand that certain foods will help our body with the healing process, while other foods actually prevent this from happening. Other physical issues have to do with emotional stress caused by many unseen, or unrealized surroundings such as your job or even a person in your life. It may also be that your house is under or near power lines or even the way your bed is positioned. Something very simple could make a huge difference in the way you feel, both mentally and physically.
Everything is included with your tuition cost per week, either in a shared or private room.  If you choose some extra’s (see below), please call to reserve your massage or colonic in advance as these appointments are limited each week. Our massage room is in the main building and colonics are located right across the street.
What’s included with your weekly stay:
- Educational lectures twice daily
- Hands on classes – sprouting, growing greens
- Private or Shared room / bath accommodation
- Fresh raw / living vibrant meals or blended option
- All FRESH green juices and teas, 7 days per week
- Daily wheatgrass juice, 2oz, twice per day

- Structured Water available 24/7
- Exercise – Stretching, rebounding and heart walks
- Library & Silent day once a week
- One juice day per week, or as many as you want!
- Trampoline / rebounding everyday
- TDP Lamp Therapy – daily sessions
- Infrared Sauna – personal & community
- Personal wellness consultation, 15 minute
- Weekend excursions for three week guests
- Interactive learning environment
- Use of our classic VHS lectures & many DVD lectures
- Discounts from our on-line store up to 20%, 24/7
- 1 Month membership included
- Use of our enema cleansing room

Optional Extras
Health Consultation with Pam Pinto (via Skype) – $40.00/half hr, $80.00/hr (free 15 minutes included with your stay!)
Massage  – $80.00/hr
Colema Board  – $75.00 /day  $750 /10 day cleanse