To remove black hulls, rub gently.
Albino Sunflower! 



**Only a few things are different than growing wheatgrass... please refer to the "how to grow wheatgrass" page first!

  1.  Use small black or black oil sunflower seed. (yes, bird seed is a great second choice if you can't find a good organic source for the sunflower seed) The large 'white striped' sunflower does not grow as well.
  2. Plant a bit less seed per tray then what you would with wheatgrass. For a large, 17"x17" planting tray, use 3/4 pound or just over one cup of seed per tray. For the smaller, 10"x10" trays, use 1/2 cup.
  3. Cover the sunflower seeds (after soaking, sprouting, planting) with a weighted tray. The weight will allow them to all grow at an even height. Don't worry, you can't put 'too much' weight on them. You won't hurt them!! =) 
  4. Keep the weighted tray on top of the sunflower seeds for up to 5 days, water once a day. (remove cover to water)
  5. After the five days of weight on top (maybe only 4 days in the summer or with a really good seed) or when the sunflower pushes that weighted tray on the floor, then keep dark for two more days, allowing them to grow taller. Turn an empty tray, upside down, and put back on top of the sunflower. 
  6. The sunflower shells (black hulls) should slide off the leaves as they are growing, or you can 'rub' them off when they are wet. Catch the tray early in the morning, while it is still 'dewy' on the 7th day, and rub your hand across the tops. 
  7. Sunflower is ready to harvest when it "joints" at the top, another set of leaves will be visible. (average of 10-12 days before harvest time) After it's cut, it will last 1-2 weeks in the fridge.

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Sprouted, Black Oil Seeds
Top View of Sunflower Greens
Fully Grown Sunflower