Thanks for stopping by! Vibrant Health Institute is the vision of a wellness program / detoxification center / education & learning Institute put together by Michael Bergonzi (*link to story 
below) that includes idea's from several different healing modalities / techniques, 
many different wellness & educational teachers, and other health centers throughout his 30+ year journey in the alternative health / cleansing and detoxifying world. 

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Since 1990, I have personally watched / witnessed people (thousands) go through a 'raw food / juicing' diet and literally heal their bodies in only three weeks (longer for some health issues). Just through a cleansing & detox type program, the body will begin to, and then totally heal itself from most every health challenge you are dealing with. BUT, you need to go through a program for 1-3 weeks in a row. In my opinion, this is almost impossible to do ONLINE, and here is why... 1. You need support, 100% support (no TV, no fridge to open, no phone, no working, no people that have negative comments or feedback around you)  2. The body and mind need rest as well as to break out of the programs / addictions that are in our everyday lives. You will not get the full benefit of a cleanse if you have to work every day (unless you LOVE what you do, completely, and support of your household). 3. As much as I can tell you that living foods, sprouts, wheatgrass juice, structured water, colon cleansing, are all crucial to a detox... it's the other part that is needed just as much. The silent day each week, the conversation with a stranger (soon to be a best, life-long friend *truth*), the connection with humans again on a vibrational level. This part completes the cycle of a good cleanse. 

If you have ever been to a wellness program, you will understand this better. Yes, there are places out there you can go to, I've worked at most of them, and they are all a bit different. Some are much too expensive for 98% of the population and will charge you even more when you arrive with 'healing modalities' that you NEED to live. Some have too many people / guests that there is no individual attention. Some are not in the USA. Some attempt only short cleanses in a non-conducive environment.

So, why VHI? First off, affordable for everyone (also offering work exchange, scholarships, VIP discounts, bring-a-friend discounts, donation reduction, program transfers, non-expiration dates on usable tuition, alumni discounts, and even camping options)! Next, shuttle service from the airport, lower guest count each week (30 max), green juice available anytime, daily and many FREE modalities to use throughout your stay. Lastly, at VHI we have moved beyond the addiction of food and offer amazing supportive lectures, group classes, emotional communication and understanding judgment, moving beyond fear to help you take this new lifestyle home with you. We have not forgotten food courses as well as understanding the addiction of eating, both emotional and social meals. You will understand it ALL and have a more complete, confident feeling when leaving VHI after our three week program. 

Our program focuses on relaxation, rejuvenation, re-connection, and 
detoxification, while providing a total cleanse. Learn practical information and 
gain simple tools to create a wellness plan that will bring balance to your life, 
awaken your inner knowledge, support your overall happiness & well-being, and 
reboot your life. This simple, yet powerful, retreat yields amazing results! Get 
started on a program that can easily be continued once returning home. Priced 
very affordably, this program offers an incredible value for the results. We believe in putting Earth back into your life, strengthening your foundation and 
connection! Namaste. 

We (Michael & the VHI team) are looking for the funding to remain open for 2-3 yrs at a location where people can come for 1-3 weeks, 10 day or even weekend 
programs. Each guest to have a supported detox throughout their stay. 
The 'Ann Wigmore Protocol' (raw food, juicing, vegan) movement / following is 
massive, by people that understand the concept of the program that is being offered at a place like 'Hippocrates' or Optimum Health Institute or The Raw Food 

These programs are three weeks long / 21 day course, where everyone is going 
through a life change, together. In many ways, a 'rehab center' for detox, weight 
loss, over-eaters, depression, gut health, diabetes, cancers, stress relief, etc... The program is all inclusive. This kind of inclusive course can be done in a large B&B, 
senior center, hotel, motel, or retreat center. We have a location in mind, with approx. 20 bedrooms / bath's, on over 10 acres of land, located within 30 minutes – one hour from a major airport, away from big cities, any climate works but warmer is good too, hiking trails, large main room, office space, front desk area, commercial kitchen, dining area, etc... However, we are open to viewing something a bit smaller or larger.

At Vibrant Health Institute, we would hold three group classes per day, silent and Juicing day every Wednesday, optional juice available everyday (all week), plated nutritious / vibrant meals twice a day, blended meal options, Yoga / light 
stretching every morning, rebounding, walking trails, FRESH wheatgrass juice, 
structured water, infrared sauna, on site store, taking it all home classes, food 
prep, communication, stress, etc... A complete program, for everyone. If insurance were to cover some of the therapies offered at the location, massage, 
chiropractic, colon hydrotherapy, etc... that would be even more of a draw. 

The cost for the all-inclusive / weekly program (check in every Sunday - check out any Saturday) would be $1,500 - $3,000, pending on the room, private / shared 
and the program additions the guest wanted to add on. Also, a scholarship and 
an internship program option. Always helping low income guests to be able to 
attend. Also, opening a FRESH Vibrant Cafe (Conscious Cafe) and store both 
online and selling to the public on campus, sprouts, meals, juices, smoothies, etc... 

VHI would be a great place for depression, food addicts and certain types of 
rehab, for sure. Weight loss and stress would always be a given. I think it all works well, and depression is a big one. As we know, when you change your diet, 
happiness finds a way back through all the muck of old stuffing down feelings and emotions. It's a fast ride to the top, but there is a lot to go through, and we would need a few counselors on staff, but I do really think it's the way to go. The sick, 
unhealthy, cancer, etc... will find us as well. 

We hope to reopen again soon, starting in one location / one state, and 
then begin the franchise effort of opening in 5 different states. Eventually Canada 
and every country that is need of this type of program. Vibrant Health is not just a cleansing / detox location, it is an 'oil change' for our bodies. A place to go for a mental and emotional cleansing. An affordable 'health care' / wellness retreat for all walks of life. 

This is a very light summary of what VHI is going to be about. Please continue reading through to know more details and get a complete understanding about this 
exciting vision. 

Michael's history, since 1990:
Also this two hour YouTube video lecture / intro to what VHI is all about:  
CLICK HERE or copy & past link:
(*Michael's vision started out as Vibrant Retreat Center back in CA 2011) 

We originally opened in Jan. 2015 for 18 months at the former Creative Health 
Institute / Hippocrates Mid-West location in MI. 

More from our website: ABOUT VHI PROGRAM
The Vibrant Health Institute (VHI) program is for anyone and everyone! We are 
nondenominational, please feel free to participate in all lectures, yoga, 
rebounding, infrared sauna, silent day every Wednesday, release ceremony, etc…. or just relax around campus, make a puzzle, even venture outside on our walking 
trails. It’s up to each guest to choose what they would like to attend or partake in. We hope to accommodate up to 30 guests each week! VHI is a great detox for 
weight loss, fatigue, food addictions, stress relief and is one of the only programs 
that works best for people dealing with candida issues, Lyme disease, and various types of cancer. Our green juice and wheatgrass are perfect for making the body more alkaline. (Many people believe that cancer cells cannot survive in an alkaline environment.) We also serve structured / alkaline water. This is the most 
hydrating water for our cells. All of our foods that we serve are gluten and dairy 
free, raw / living greens, sprouts and vegetables, or an optional blended meal. 
Some nuts, seeds, or avocado may be served as well, which are always labeled. 
(see below for more details.) 

Lectures here at VHI focus on many subjects, some which include; conscious 
communication, sharing circles, moving beyond fear, journaling, understanding 
judgment, emotional & social eating, taking it all home with you, and what’s 
simple is true. We then have the practical; one lecture each week on raw food 
prep, wheatgrass / micro green growing at home, juicing / household equipment, 
and sprouting the easy way. 

The concept behind VHI is allowing the body to heal itself with nourishing living 
foods, green juice, wheatgrass, trace minerals, and structured water (all included with your stay here.) Each of our guests are here to detox, unwind / unplug, and 
rebuild their bodies. Privacy of all our guests is important to us. We do not focus on teaching how to prepare raw food everyday to become a chef, just once a 
week. Our mission is to help our guests understand the addiction of food as well 
as emotional and social eating habits, or adjusting from the S.A.D. After having 4 
green drinks and 2 ounces of FRESH wheatgrass twice a day, you have eaten 6 
times each day without ever eating lunch or dinner! 

The first few days on our detox program, you may experience headaches, light 
nausea, fatigue and even some overall soreness. This is the body adjusting and 
starting to now take care of its own health issues. Some people will feel ‘hungry’, 
but this isn’t from lack of nourishment. The concept isn’t to be ‘full’ of food here. Most symptoms will lighten up or disappear by day 3 & 4 (depending on the 
individual, as we are all very different.) If this is your first time going through a 
cleanse, we suggest three weeks or 21 days, to allow the body to overcome 
addictions and for food tastes to change. Sense of smell may also begin to 
improve on your second week with us. It takes time for the body to rid itself of 
toxins, both emotionally and physically. By your third week here, it’s now time for rebuilding and getting some structure back to your cells, heart, brain and muscles. If you have been through juicing and other detox programs, then coming here for an ‘oil change’ for just one week may be enough for you. Think of your body like 
your vehicle. If you drive a lot, you need to fill up with gas. If your car is in the 
driveway, you don’t need so much fuel. Use your body more, exercise of some sort each day, and then add more fuel (food.) Sit on the couch, behind a computer all day, 
less fuel (food) is needed. 

Some other programs similar to VHI will focus on finding a supplement (pills) for 
solving your physical condition. This could cost hundreds, even thousands of 
dollars each year. We here at VHI, however, will try to help you find out what is 
actually causing your physical health issue. Many Americans suffer from health issues that are directly related to their diet. We do understand that certain foods 
will help our body with the healing process, while other foods actually prevent 
this from happening. Other physical issues have to do with emotional stress 
caused by many unseen, or unrealized surroundings such as your job or even a 
person in your life. It may also be that your house is under or near power lines or 
even the way your bed is positioned. Something very simple could make a huge 
difference in the way you feel, both mentally and physically. 

Everything is included with your tuition cost per week, either in a shared or 
private room. If you choose some extra’s (see below), please call to reserve your massage or colonic in advance as these appointments are limited each week. 

What’s included with your weekly stay: 
Educational lectures twice daily 
Hands on classes – sprouting, growing microgreens 
Private or Shared room / bath accommodation 
Fresh raw / living vibrant meals or blended option 
All FRESH green juices and teas, 7 days per week 
Daily wheatgrass juice, 2oz, twice per day 
Structured Water to drink
Exercise – Stretching and everyday heart walks 
Meditation / library room & Silent day once a week 
One juice day per week, or as many days as you want! 
Trampoline / rebounding everyday 
TDP Lamp Therapy – daily sessions 
Infrared Sauna – personal & community 
Personal wellness consultation, 15 minute (*during your first week*)
Weekend excursions
Interactive learning environment 
Use of our classic VHS lectures & many DVD lectures 

To learn more about the various therapies offered at VHI, check them out on 
YouTube by visiting our Vibrant Health Institute YouTube page!

Amethyst BioMat -
CHI-Machine -
Far Infrared Sauna -
Far Infrared Bio Dome -
Structured Water -
TDP Lamp Therapy -
More included therapies coming soon!

*At VHI each guest may choose their own detox diet, however, every Wednesday 
is green juice day with a blended meal for dinner. 

Here are your daily options: 
A. Green juice detox – This means you may have green juice, seven days a week 
throughout your entire program. You may also drink 1-2 ounces of wheatgrass, 
twice per day as well as hot teas, structured alkaline water, and your choice of 
Dandy Blend (coffee alternative) & Calm (magnesium to help you rest). Trace 
minerals are also available to add to any of your drinks! 

B. Juice and blended lunch & dinner – This means everything in choice A, plus a 
blended green meal to eat for lunch and dinner. 

C. Raw Vibrant Meals – This means everything in choice A, plus a Vibrant Raw / 
Vegan Food Meal for lunch and dinner! (or you may choose a blended meal to 
replace the raw food for either lunch or dinner) 
*Yes, you may ask for seconds!!! Just remember, hunger doesn’t always mean 
you’re lacking nourishment and you are NOT going to starve while you are here 
on our program! 

To watch a demonstration for juicing wheatgrass or to learn more about our 
structured water, check out our YouTube page!  

For DVD lectures on sprouting and growing wheatgrass: 

Some of our lecture titles during your 3-week program at VHI: 

Week 1 
What’s Simple is True 
Back to Basics / Colon Health 
Raw Food Prep One, VHI Chef 
Conscious Communication, part 1 
Sprouting “The Easy Way” 
Conscious Eating 
Sharing Circle 
Conscious Listening 

Week 2 
Conscious Communication, part 2 
Raw Food Prep Two, VHI Chef 
Growing Wheatgrass, Sunflower and Pea Greens 
Lecture with Joe Bassett (*Amazing DVD*) 
Using the Colema Board / VHI Store Product Details 
Loving All That Arises 
Trusting Your Intuition 
Alternative Health & Beauty Care 
Sharing Circle 

Week 3 
Questions and Answers 
Raw Food Prep Three, VHI Chef 
Moving Beyond Fear 
Grow Room Tour / Hands on Growing 
Taking it all Home 
Emotional Freedom Technique 
Accepting The Light You Truly Are 
Sharing Circle 

Evening Classes
Arts & Crafts
Group music or fire pit night  
Questions & Answers
Puzzles & Games 
DVD Movies & Talent Night! 

*We would then offer certified programs and additional learning during 
designated weeks: 

Certified Programs: 
- Microgreen Business Course, wheatgrass growing *1 week, $X + program tuition 
- Iridology 101 *2 weeks, $X + program tuition 
- Health / Life Coaching, for students *3 weeks, $X + program tuition 
- Life Coach / Health Education, for teachers *3 weeks, $X + program tuition 
- VHI Franchise Course *6 weeks, $X + program tuition 

Additional Programs (*added to weekly program tuition*) 
- 10 day colon cleanse *$X + program tuition 
- Opening A Wellness Center *1 week, $X + program tuition 
- Art Therapy *1 week, $X + program tuition 
- Raw / Vegan Chef Program *1 week, $X + program tuition 

**If you would like to start a personal program today, please contact us direct via email or phone for a consult and more details / dates:  text or call 1-860-294-4620

All of our wheatgrass is grown FRESH, all year long. Many people ask this 
question – 
Q: How much wheatgrass may I drink while I am on a detox at VHI? 
A: 1 – 2 ounces at any one time is all someone should drink. Never more than 2 
ounces at one time. The body only needs two FRESH ounces of juice at one time as that is equal to up to 5 pounds of fresh vegetables. More is NOT better. One 
ounce of FRESH wheatgrass is also equal to approx. 8 ounces of a green juice. 
With FRESH wheatgrass juice, 1-2 ounces, once in the AM is plenty. If you are 
detoxing, you can also drink 1-2 ounces in the PM, always on an empty stomach and then wait 15 minutes before eating or drinking anything else! FRESH 
wheatgrass juice is a complete food for the body as well as a detoxifier. Every 2 
ounces of FRESH wheatgrass juice is equal to a complete meal for the body. 

Here at the Vibrant Health Institute, our green juice is made fresh daily and 
consists of 50% Cucumber (see below for the benefits of cucumber), 10% Celery, 25% Sunflower Greens and 15% Pea Greens. Both Sunflower and Pea Greens are grown on site, organically in our grow room, all year long! You will learn how to 
grow them both as well as what juicers are best to use. 

Our Green Juice is available 7 days a week from 8am-6pm. Each guests may drink up to 4 glasses (10 ounces) per day and up to 6 glasses on juicing days. Each green juice is a complete meal for the body / cells. Along with the FRESH wheatgrass 
juice, every guest is actually eating up to 6 meals per day in JUICE!!! (Before even eating lunch or dinner!) 

Michael packed up VHI in a storage unit in mid June, 2016 and started looking for a new finance investor / partner and location to reopen as soon as we could. Over the years, there have been many potential investors and locations, but never the right fit of both. Some people have offered their homes or their land to us. However, without any capital, we were not able to accept. Opening in a smaller location is fine as well, but we would still need capital for salaries, food, website, promotions, etc… and housing for some staff members. We are not giving up hope as this type of program is needed in the world and is very difficult to find, and at an affordable rate.

Of course, one financial investor would be wonderful, but we are willing to discuss other options. Every penny matters to us, both in saving our clients money and what is needed to open our doors again, as well as stay open for the first two years, while we are growing. 

*If you are that ONE person that would like to help us ALL THE WAY in this 
project, please contact Michael direct. We are open to all possibilities / 
partnerships or even angel investors. 

Brief summary of expenses: 
* The property / location - $800K - $2.5 mil (pending best options) 
* Kitchen equipment, Guest Therapy equipment - $25K 
* Monthly expenses: Salaries - $35K, Food & seeds - $5K, Promotions - $1K,
Web / IT / Newsletter - $2K, Phones, Electric, Gas, Office, Misc. supplies $3.5K, Shuttle service / Vehicle - $1K

Why is this amount of money needed in our GoFundMe? Vibrant Health Institute has most everything ready, however, we NEED a location to reopen. A place that would be conducive to healing, and allowing the body to rest. Away from the city, but close enough to an airport. Plenty of land for walking trails, gardens, greenhouses, guest camping, and exercise. The building would also need to be large with a commercial kitchen, office space, therapy rooms, a store, guest rooms (up to 15-30) and the land must have enough space for additional guest rooms and bathrooms for everyone. We also need capital to purchase those modalities we wish for everyone to use and not be charged extra for as well as promotions online, website and health events. We need some kitchen equipment, greenhouse racks & trays, store items to offer guests at an affordable cost, and enough capital to pay our employees while we are going through our beginning stages of reopening. We then hope to franchise this model in 5 different US states within the next 3 years, and more to come! We will offer classes to view online (similar to Netflix) for all members of VHI for support and a cleansing boost! 

The VHI program course has successfully functioned for 18 months and all the 'kinks / bugs' have been worked through. We are now ready to reopen and give our guests the BEST of the BEST healing wellness retreat in the US! 

Thank you ALL for your support throughout the years and for helping to make 
this DREAM come TRUE! 
More photo's: 
Vibrant Health Institute - Thanks you, with love!