Apply for a Scholarship

It is our mission to help you on your journey to health by providing you the opportunity to apply for a scholarship to enroll in the Vibrant Health Institute program. 

Prior to submitting your application, it is important that you speak with one of our team members.  We want you to have a clear understanding of our program, the diet, the accommodations, and the fees. After your paperwork has been submitted and processed, the results will go before our Scholarship Committee team for final approval. The entire process may take up to three weeks.

Scholarships are based on the applicant’s financial situation. This will determine the discount percentage awarded toward our program. At this time, we are unable to offer full scholarships.

In order to process your application it is extremely important to submit all the required documentation.  If you are unable to supply us with a required document, please include a detailed explanation of the reason. Upon notification of your scholarship award you will then have 60 days to schedule your reservation date.  At that time, a portion of the tuition will be required as a deposit. The remaining balance may be paid upon arrival.

Items required for scholarship review:

  • A brief letter stating the reason/reasons for the scholarship including health issues and financial conditions
  • A short list of income
  • A short list of expenses (mortgage/rent, auto payment, loans, alimony payments, child support payments, etc.)

Please email us your information.

Apply for an Internship

Interested in an internship at the Vibrant Health Institute?
We would love to have YOU!
Thank you for deciding you want to become an intern at the Vibrant Health Institute.

As an Intern of the VHI you will receive a room (private or shared), all raw food meals, green drink, and wheatgrass juice. If there are lectures you would like to attend, please let us know so we can adjust your work schedule. We expect you to be on time for all work shifts and to be professional, as you are representing VHI. It is important not to give any medical advice or opinions regarding health therapies of any kind to our guests.   

Below, you will find our needs, and our policy:
Prerequisite: Attending the Vibrant Health Institute program for at least one week is a prerequisite to being eligible to become an intern at the Vibrant Health Institute.

We need our intern staff be available 5 hours per day, 6 days a week (to make green juice, clean veggies, clean the space, and prepare). This is a one month period of time.

Some days at the Vibrant Health Institute are long. As an intern you either are working in the kitchen in the morning or evening. It is not possible to customize a schedule. Meaning, you will be placed in the kitchen based on our needs, not the speaking schedule.

Benefits: If you are scheduled for a certain day, you are welcome to attend classes the other ½ of the day. If you are on a split schedule, you may participate on that day in any way – this includes lectures, yoga, food, and green juices.

**Please note:  The guests will be fasting on Wednesdays on green juice, breaking the fast at the end of the day with a blended meal. If you require more food on those days, please prepare your own raw food meal, as our chef will not be making food for lunch on that day.

**Kitchen responsibilities will be assigned daily by the kitchen manager and the General Manger. These include: scrubbing vegetables, making green juice, cleaning the kitchen – several times throughout the day, taking out the garbage, washing dishes, stocking the eating area for participants, keeping guest area clean, busing dishes, preparing for food prep class, assisting with food prep class, etc.
**Sanitation is a priority. When handling food, gloves and hairnets will be mandatory in the kitchen.
**Also, please remember to be drinking plenty of structured water throughout the day. You will be working hard and staying well hydrated will be critical.

As the program grows, so does the number of people that would like to become an intern. All applications will be reviewed. Interns will be selected and contacted in an order of priority. If we have too many, we will try to give those a chance who have not yet had an opportunity to intern yet at the Vibrant Health Institute.

[gif (1)]  Rooms: You will be required to pay for your room during your stay. A shared room and bathroom is $250.00 per week. Shared rooms will be on the top floor and also be sharing a bathroom with another room. A private room with a shared bathroom is $500.00 per week. You may be sharing a bathroom with another room.

How it works: In some way, it’s similar to applying for a job – you have to be approved and accepted into this course.

  • Email us your application, which simply means one paragraph on what you want to do here, what you may have done in this type of a field in the past and the dates you would like to come.  If accepted, you will receive an email reply or phone call from someone here to discuss details and dates.
  • Minimum stay is 1 month and maximum is 3 months.
  • The cost for this program is ONLY $250.00 per week for a shared room and bathroom or $500.00 per week for a private room with a shared bath.
  • You will be put on our work exchange program for 5 hours per day, 6 days per week.  This will include, but not exclusive to, working in our kitchen, grow-room, store, reception, and some light housekeeping.

*Our intern program is limited to 2-3 people at one time. We find that teaching you how about this lifestyle is one thing, but experiencing it yourself is the only way to really understand.

What’s included: Your room (private or shared), all your meals or blended foods, green juice, wheatgrass juice, tea, several different therapies including infrared sauna, chi machine, bio-mat, TDP lamp, and also all of our live lectures!
Our policy for Interns:

  • Weekly evaluations of each intern.
  • 5 hours per day, 6 days per week of work exchange in our kitchen, grow room, or light housekeeping.
  • Keeping personal information private, as well as any type of medical, health, or supplement advice to our guests.

*We have a non-smoking campus, no cooked foods allowed in main building or rooms, cell phone talking after 9pm to be done in our gathering room or outside, no scented perfumes, oils, shampoo or soaps, no candle burning or incense

If you have any questions regarding the application process, please contact us at michaelbergonzi@gmail.com or if you have not yet spoken with someone on our team, please do so by calling or text to: 860-294-4620.

Please include your name, telephone number, and email address on all correspondence. Thank you. 

Email your application to: