*TWIN GEAR juicers are not as efficient as the single auger machines when juicing wheatgrass only. They will work, however you will get "foam" and will not get as many ounces from the grass. The twin gears "cut" the grass into little pieces before juicing allowing more places to oxidize, hence the foam. The very best twin gear juicer is the Super Angel Stainless Steel Juicer. *IF YOU ARE A RAW FOOD CHEF, OR YOU LOVE TO PREPARE RAW FOODS EVERYDAY, THEN THE TWIN GEAR JUICER IS FOR YOU! In my past 23 years talking to thousands of people, the only people that actually LOVE their twin gear juicer are the people that LOVE to make / prepare raw foods of all kind on a daily basis. They are twice the money as a single auger juicer and much harder (more parts) to take apart and clean. They also are good juicer for all other vegies, sprouts, etc... The single auger machine (Manual Lexen Healthy Juicer, Omega 8006, Samson), will "wring" the entire blade of grass out like a wet towel, NO FOAM. The Manual Healthy Juicer is always a good buy, for many reasons and the price is right. It will take a bit of getting used to, but does the job.

If you are looking for a commercial wheatgrass juicer, for the juice bars or health food stores, the MJ 575 Miracle all stainless steel juicer is one of the best for your money, or the Opti-Fresh stainless steel wheatgrass juicer (which Hippocrates and Optimum Health Institute's both use). The best juicers for Health Food Stores / Juice Bars are available NOW in my website store.  CLICK HERE


Fresh green juice is the most wonderful gift you can give yourself and is one of the easiest ways to get large amount of nutrient absorbed directly into your body. Green vegetable juice, in the most digestible and absorbable form, is an excellent source of alkalinity, essential minerals and organic hydration. The grinder/press type juicer combination is a vital part of a healthy lifestyle. Juicing extracts the juice (which contains the vitamins, nutrients and enzymes) and leaves the dry fibers behind. Mixing different greens and vegetables will compound the nutritional value, maximum liquid extraction, produce larger quantities, and provide better tasting juice.

Leafy greens and sprouts have the highest energy of any food on the planet, as they literally contain the energy of the sun in the form of chlorophyll. By harnessing the energy of chlorophyll in our bodies, we can increase the flow of oxygen (which is incredibly alkalizing) to all parts of the body, which means we will release more carbon dioxide and toxins for elimination. You would spend the majority of your day chewing your veggies to absorb the same about to nutrients you receive by juicing. By removing the fiber from these greens, you are able flood the body with huge amounts of the energy, essential raw vitamins, nutrients and trace minerals that are found in fresh vegetables. Fresh green juice delivers all the essential nutrients and living enzymes the body needs, while allowing the body a ‘break’ from digestion. Our body is at the height of its natural daily detoxification cycle during sleep (you can see the evidence of this simply in the fact that we get ‘morning breath’, which is literally your body excreting toxins through the tongue), and your body desperately needs this time to focus on elimination of waste matter (both new and old). This process is halted in the morning only by breaking your nightly ‘fast’. Once the body starts to digest your first meal it breaks the cycle. The best breakfast you can have is a green juice, as it allows the body to continue the detoxification process. Green juices also have amazing colon-cleansing properties.

As our lives get busier, we find ourselves moving faster. We are not taking the time to chew the way we were intended to, to allow our bodies to maximize the benefits of our food. Blenders can have their place in our lives. The blender can, in a sense, ‘chew’ our food for us. However, since the fiber content is retained, blended foods are always going to require some digestion in the body, and cannot give the body the easily absorbable amount of nutrients that a green juice can. Like the blender, centrifugal juicers operate by grating food against a metal disk which spins at a very high speed. Study shows that high speed centrifugal action kills beneficial enzymes and nutrients. These juicers are not an efficient way of extracting the essentials out of the greens.

Green juice can taste good! Mixing greens and (if your body can handle it) fruit can make the juice quite tasty.An ideal green juice might contain:~ no more than 25% dark greens such as spinach, kale, silverbeet, broccoli, bok choy, dandelion greens~ 25-50% light greens such as celery or cucumber~ 25-50% other green sprouts such as sunflower greens, sweet pea greens *Other great ingredients to add include lemon, lime, ginger, fresh herbs such as parsley, mint leaves or cilantro (coriander). If you are sensitive to fruits, stevia is also a great way to take the edge off a really ‘green’-tasting juice, and add sweetness.

SECOND CHOICE:  The Samson Juicer 

There are many types of juicers that claim they will juice wheatgrass, but they do not. The Champion Juicer is a wonderful machine, but, does not juice wheatgrass. The Vita Mix is the best blender on the market (BLENDER not juicer), but, does not juice wheatgrass. The Jack Lalane, Jay the Juice Man Juicers, The Omega Centrificul cutter... all do not juice wheatgrass. The Norwalk juicer (best hydraulic press machine on the planet) will NOT juice wheatgrass. Please don't get me wrong, all these machine will juice the grass, but you will not get the same amount of juice per pound of wheatgrass or the same quality of juice as you would from a single auger juicer. I suggest a single auger machine for juicing wheatgrass. The "auger" will look like the end of a screw, similar to a drill bit. These single auger juicers at geared slow for low foam and longer lasting juice, this machine will do both wheatgrass & sprouts and most everything else that is green. The will also make your favorite, FROZEN BANANA ICE CREAM!!!


So, you are looking for a wheatgrass / green juicer now? Ok, then read below to understand the reason for buying a single auger juicer. Read what juicers will work best and what juicers will not work at all. A blender is NOT a juicer... in many ways, it is a microwave and will scramble up the energy of your foods if you leave it on for more than one minute. However, if you pulse for a second or two, it is a good way to chop "chew" up your meal, fast. If you want to start juicing today, then purchase a 'masticating' (or chewing) juicer. Also, the best advice I can give to anyone that wants to do a juice "fast" (now called 'feast') would be DON'T TELL ANYONE THAT YOU ARE DOING IT!!! Trust me. If you want to do one day, 3 days or 10 days of just green juicing (and colon cleansing), then just do it, but don't tell anyone else about it. It will be much better for your mental health if you keep it to yourself. And it will be easier too. If anyone asks you out to eat during your juicing time, just tell them you already ate, but you would still love to come along, drink water with lemon. You can also say that you have plans to eat later. Lastly, if you don't have anyone that will listen, you can email me about it and I will listen without judgement. Always and anytime...

FIRST CHOICE: The Manual Healthy Juicer (a must own for everyone, photo on right) After juicing over 200 ounces of wheatgrass with the same hand powered Healthy Juicer in two days, the Lexen Manual Healthy Juicer is #1 on my juicer list**! This juicer is the perfect starting place and works better than any other machine available. It will do all your leafy greens as well. It will also do cucumber, celery and other sprouts & soft fruits. Great to have, just in case the power goes out or you can also travel with it... very light weight, only 4 pounds and it is a manual juicer, so the motor will never go bad!! **Please note: The first time I personally used this juicer, I wanted to throw it out the window. However, by the third time, I was able to juice 1 ounce per minute and it actually did a better job then my $1,500.00 stainless steel model! Yes, it looks like a toy, but works like a CHAMP! Please watch the FREE QuickTime movie before using this juicer. It will help, trust me! Outside of the U.S., visit http://www.ukjuicers.com/

Manual Healthy Juicer $59.95


Electric Samson Juicer $259.95