Welcome Healthy GREEN / LIFE Seekers! I have dedicated this page of my website to various "green" links from all over the country / world as well as some of my favorites! If you'd like to do a link exchange, please email your URL . We'll check it out, and if it fits in we'll feature you in our site listing, and send a banner you can include on your site!


http://www.gotsprouts.com (My interns, Sean & Jody!)

http://www.sprouting.com (Mumms organic seeds in Canada)

http://www.gourmetgreens.com (Greens / sprouts in the north east, by Rich Rommer) http://www.sproutman.com (get the facts from Steve Meyerowitz, very cool guy!) http://www.sproutpeople.org (awesome sprouting / informational site)  

http://www.sungrownorganics.com (one of my grass teachers in Southern CA Ken & Robin.)

http://www.bellrockgrowers.com (grass for your animals, thanks Kathy!)

http://www.lahuertadelsol.com/ (My good friend Jose Lima in Cabo San Lucus, MX)

http://www.wheatgrassandsprouts.com/ (Gabriel & Anca, my favorite interns from Troy, MI)

http://www.omgrowngreens.com (Rachael for wheatgrass / sprouts in the Bahama's)

http://www.indianolaorganics.com/ (Wheatgrass and sprouts from Kitsap County, Washington)

http://www.markbraunstein.org  www.microgreengarden.com  (Author, Mark Braunstein)

http://www.wheatgrassdepot.com (David Fromhold)


VIBRANT HEALTH INSTITUTE!  My very own in Union City, MI

http://www.annwigmore.org (Puerto Rico retreat center, original Ann Wigmore style)

http://www.sanoviv.com (Dr. Myron Wentz, good retreat center, Rosarito, Mexico)

http://www.oasisdetoxretreat.com (My dear friends, Linda and Marie France, retreat center located in the South of FRANCE!)

http://www.therawfoodinstitute.com (1½ with Lisa Wilson, 2012-2013, Simsbury, CT)

http://www.hippocratesinst.org (10 years of my career there, 2001-2011, West Palm Beach, FL)

http://www.optimumhealth.org (8 years of my career there, 1990-1998, Lemon Grove, CA)


http://www.happycow.net (Very nice site, travel a lot? Better choices in foods all over the world!)

http://www.vivausa.org (go vegan all over the USA!)


http://www.crazysexycancer.com (I just love Kris, former Health Educator too!) http://www.crazysexylife.com (Kris Carr, again, from cancer to LIFE!)

http://www.rawnaturals.ca (Ben Stone, distributer in Toronto CANADA, good friend and former Health Educator!!)

http://www.greenyourspirit.com (My very good friend & former HHI Health Educator, Mikaele & her husband, Rudi!)

http://www.chunkiedunkies.com (Health Educator, Dina and her amazing COOKIES! Try them for yourself!)

http://www.loveonrosestreet.com (Awesome former Health Educator from Hippocrates, thanks Nicole!)

http://www.avoiddisease.com (Deanna Bramble... needs your help now: www.helpdeanna.com )

http://www.eating4eternity.org (and another Health Educator, Jenny, in Toronto, Canada)

http://www.jilliansdrawers.com (my best friend, Kelly Serbonich – former HHI Chef. Say "HELLO" for me!)

http://www.yogaforyourpath.com (My sister, Donna Bergonzi - Boyle)

http://www.healtheducator.ca (former Health Ed and good friend, Ben Stone in Canada)

http://www.adinaniemerow.com (My new friend, author of an awesome book!)

www.simpleynutritivo.com (My friend, Ana Luisa Garza Hererra, in Mexico)


http://www.zeitgeistmovie.com (please watch them both. number 1 first. share with EVERYONE you know.)
Go to YouTube and search / watch anything by David Wilcock & Gregg Braden - ENJOY!

        - (Jill Bolte Taylor, My Stroke of Insight. Awesome)

http://www.911truth.org (do your own research, I did)