#102  Sprout ALL your SEEDS, without soil! Learn to sprout Adzuki, Mung, Whole Lentils, Fenugreek, Garbanzo, Alfalfa, Clover, Broccoli, Radish and MORE! This 1.5 hour DVD is the full lecture by Michael, filmed at HHI!$19.95

- Instructional DVD's & Personal Consults, Fundraising -

 #402  Large - 17"x17" planting trays (select qnty.) $6.50 ea

#403  Small - 10"x10" planting trays (select qnty.)  $3.00 ea

*trays are 2½" deep, perfect for soil growing and holes for drainage so you don't over-water your greens!

Welcome to our NEW STORE page!
Please choose the items you would like to purchase, and then email: store@wheatgrassgreenhouse.com    We will send you an invoice (including shipping cost) via email to pay for your items. Just use the item number listed in the description and don't forget to include your complete shipping address! You may pay with any major credit card or mail in a check / money order. If you need help with your order, please just call us at 1-860-294-4620  7 days, 8am-8pm EST or email: store@wheatgrassgreenhouse.com Thank you!

- Juicers, Organic Seeds & Growing Supplies -

 #401  The Manual Healthy Juicer is the #1 wheatgrass / leafy green, sprouts, soft fruit juicer available today! Excellent to travel with, easy to clean, easy to use (read directions), extended handle for easy juicing! You will juice 13 ounces out of one pound of wheatgrass! The best of the best! $59.95

- Michelle Marilyn :  Artwork -


 #201  Phone / Skype consult with Michael -$50.00 / 30minutes

#202 Open your own Wellness Center / Health Institute consult with Michael - $475.00 / 1.5 hrs, 5 days, Skype - files included  

#203  Personal home cleanse / detox, 5 hours per day / 10 days. Michael & chef travel to YOU!  $3,500.00  *Does not include food costs, supplements, transportation or housing, or colema board.

 #101  Grow your own wheatgrass, Sunflower, Pea Greens and other micro-greens in soil! This 2 hour DVD is the full lecture by Michael, filmed at HHI!$21.95

I will (pending dates / times / travel) come to your home and spend 3 days helping you with your diet and cleansing / detox.  This cleanse comes with hours of information, DVD's, 'how to' paperwork, etc...  Plus, 3 hours per day with ME! Be prepared to JUICE CLEANSE and colon cleanse for the whole time I am with you. Juices & food will be prepared for you on site (included).  *Price does not include misc. items needed for cleanse or travel and lodging expenses.  *Ask about the cost for including another person. *You may also choose a 5 or 10 Day Cleanse with me. Prices are:5 Day - $2,500  OR  10 Day - $3,500 (reg. price $6,495) Prices do NOT include travel & lodging, misc. supplements, and equipment needed. You will need / want a Colema Board, single auger juicer, and a blender.  Please email for available dates and what else is included. HERE IS A FREE 2 HOUR YOUTUBE LECUTRE with some of what you will be getting on your 'at home cleanse': https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h5KHwp8v53c&t=59s     michaelbergonzi@gmail.com

 #510  1lb. Organic Black Oil Sunflower Seed (greens) $8.50 ea

#511  10lbs. Organic Black Oil Sunflower Seed (greens)  $80.00

#512  25 lbs. Organic Black Oils Sunflower Seed (greens)  $175.00

* ¾ lb. of seed equals one large tray (2 cups dry). Each large tray will yield up to 4 lbs. of FRESH Sunflower GREENS!

 #301  $50 donation to Vibrant Health Institute$50.00

#302 $100 donation to Vibrant Health Institute $100.00  

#303  $500 donation to Vibrant Health Institute $500.00

#304  Item / Money amount donation of your choice!

 #100  Start your own wheatgrass growing, sprouting & micro-green business! This DVD package includes over 10 hours of instruction! FREE wheatgrass growing DVD, sprouting DVD and bonus, 'tours of OHI and HHI greenhouses' in full detail!$489

 #501  1lb. Organic Hard Wheat Seed (wheatgrass) $3.50 ea

#502   10lbs. Organic Wheat Seed (wheatgrass)   $30.00

#503  25 lbs. Organic Wheat Seed (wheatgrass)  $55.89

*1 lb. of seed equals one large tray (3 cups dry). Each large tray will yield up to 2 lbs. of wheatgrass or 26 ounces of juice!


The 'Perfectly Imperfect' Collection

1000  Any Print:  $25.00

This glossy 11"x11" print may be framed or just pinned to the wall 'as-is'. It will become the highlight of any room! Looks great hanging on any wall in the house, room or office!

Michelle's Mandala's are all drawn by hand with Micron Pens and colored with Prisma Colored Pencils. As an artist, she spends hours on each work of art and it's a very grounding practice. She also teaches how to draw your own! Her coloring book will be ready soon (Feb. 2017)! Just grab some vibrantly colored pencils and enjoy!

*This original piece is available* $75.00 USD + S&H (please email michelle.marilyn@yahoo.com for details)

 #520  1lb. Organic Snow Pea Seed (greens) $3.75 ea

#521  10lbs. Organic Snow Pea Seed (greens)  $36.00

#522  25 lbs. Organic Snow Pea Seed (greens)  $80.00

* 1 lb. of seed equals one large tray (2½ cups dry). Each large tray will yield up to 2 lbs. of FRESH PEA GREENS!